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Below is the dog application form for SERIOUS applicants ONLY; only submit an application if you're ready to place a deposit and there is a dog available or litter your interested in. I respect you taking your time to fill it out and will respectfully respond.  Also, please review the bundles that are included with every schnauzer. If I do not respond to your application within 3 days, please contact me directly through my email or phone/txt (910)514-0415. DO NOT CALL ME FOR PUPPY PRICING OR AVAILABILTY! Pricing is clearly stated below my puppies and availability is always updated often. I will ask you to go through my website if you are calling for that purpose. When leaving a message be descriptive or I will not return the phone call.  I reserve my phone conversations to families that have submitted my application and/or for families that have questions who currently own one of my puppies. I do not need to answer questions you can clearly find the answers too on my website.
The purpose of the application below is to make sure that you are a good fit for one of my puppies and that you understand my process and policies. My website helps you get to know me as a breeder and helps you learn about my Schnauzers too. The application also helps me get to know you as a potential Schnauzer owner of one of my precious Miniature Schnauzer puppies. Thank you in advance for taking the time to fill out the application.


DO NOT SEND ME AN APPLICATION IF YOU'RE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE WHO WOULD RETURN A PUPPY OR ADULT DOG THAT IS, "NOT WORKING OUT". Miniature Schnauzers are not a breed for everyone! Do your research prior!!! Be a responsible new parent and don’t impulse buy they deserve better and you had best be prepared to TRAIN YOUR NEW FAMILY MEMBER CORRECTLY. These are TERRIERS and they require clear direction with positive reinforcement. They need RULES and BOUNDARIES from day one.

!!! All questions need to be answered to submit this application !!!

Full Name:

Phone Number:
Are you currently looking for a Miniature Schnauzer?
Yes No
Which puppy/young adult/retiree, or litter are you interested in?
Do you understand that Huckleberry only sells pet/companion puppies, and that per the contract they need to be spayed or nuetered by 7 months of age?
Yes No
Our adults need the same amount of patience, commitment, and strict routine of that of a puppy when they go home. It shouldn't take them longer than two months to acclimate. If it does you have not set down clear rules and boundaries for them. Are you aware of this commitment if you are interested in one of our retirees?
Yes No Not Applicable
Have you ever owned a schnauzer before? Or been around them?
Yes No
If, Yes please explain so I have an understanding
How long did you have them? Or do you still have?
Years Still Have
Do you currently have any dogs that are NOT neutered or spayed?
Yes No
Do you understand it can cost $500-$2000 a year to own and maintain a Miniature Schnauzer?
Yes No
Please provide your current Vet or intended Vet
Do you have a fenced in yard?
Yes No
If you do not have a fenced in yard how are you going to potty train/exercise your new puppy/adult?
Are you aware that the average lifespan of a Miniature Schnauzer is 12-14 years?
Yes No
Do you understand the health guarantee?
Yes No
Please tell us a little about yourself, family, activities, lifestyle ...
Our puppies range in activity levels and we need to get to know you to make sure you and your schnauzuer will be suited for everyone involvded.
Puppies take a great deal of time with potty training, socialization, and care. Are you committed to devote this time to a puppy?
Yes No
Is everyone on your family in agreement with getting a new dog?
Yes No
If No, please explain why ...
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