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Hucklerberry Schnauzer Patch - Bundles

With every schnauzer that leaves the patch, they are sent home with:

Binder that is divided into 7 groups

    Heath records-shot records, vet invoice copies, health history, vaccine information, parental health testing, health check list gone over and signed by my veterinarian for each puppy or adult leaving,

Micro-chip Tag-registration verification

Food K-9 Kraving which your puppy eating (beef & vegetables), information on where to purchase it from and other useful information in regards to food selections, Puppy or Adult food will be in the bag approximately a weeks worth giving you time to purchase some. Parents and puppies both eat raw food at Huckleberry.

Vitamins NuVet information and other vitamins we use if applicable

Schnauzer info to help with crate training, house training, potty training, when your puppy will hit their milestones and socialization and Contract with spay/neuter guidelines.

Toys according to your puppies needs. Adults go home with toys too.

Blanket, both puppies and adults go home with blankets. This has the smell of my home to help transition your new family member with ease.

Treats are based off whether you are purchasing a puppy or retired adult.

Collar, puppies go home with collars. Adults go home with collars or a harness and matching leash.

Sweaters/jackets based off the time of the year an adult is retiring are sent home with them as well.

Toothpaste and tooth brush are sent home to make sure your adult's teeth are kept in perfect condition.

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