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Reading Material

I will periodically be adding to this page informative articles that relate to my miniature schnauzers. This is always to help you understand the why, should I, what now, how can I overcome this bad habit or anything in between. I also send how a good amount of information in your binders relating to the puppy, young adult or retired adult. I don't want my families to ever be frustrated, but remember once a habit is formed you can only maintain that habit. It will never go away. So ask questions!!! The more knowledgeable you are about your new addition the better equipped you will be to handle problems that may come up.

Crate Training is a great tool for your Miniature Schnauzer whether they are a puppy, young adult or retired adult. Good Article on crate training below....


Some of my lines have drive. With a miniature schnauzer it stems from prey drive. Please give your new schnauzer an outlet for their drive. Below is a good article.....


Introducing a new schnauzer to your pack can either mean a dog pack or human pack. Regardless it is a new pack. Below is a good article on this....


Some of my lines can be territorial, driven and judgmental if not properly given guidelines, an outlet for their drive and given the opportunities to experience positive scenarios with strangers and especially children. Most children are unpredictable, do not understand how to properly approach a dog and can not give your schnauzer a positive outlook towards children. Below is a good article on introduction to children and giving them that opportunity to not be scared or intimidated by children......


This article is compiled of two sources. How to explain drive of a dog and where it stems from and how to explain hierarchy and rank in a pack. Remember this pack may be human or dog. Your puppy will always look to the most dominant household member. It is natural for them to look for direction and guidance. Without this your puppy can become miserable and start asserting themselves in situations when they should be looking to you to keep them safe with directions......


I get asked a lot about these concerns. This article explains these interesting behaviors in dogs that are often seen. From humping you or another canine, to poop eating, reverse sneezing, chasing their tail and the all time happy favorite rolling in something so offensive you need to take them straight to the tub and wash them twice!


Our adults and puppies are fed a raw ground diet. We have seen a huge difference in our parents demeanor and overall health since switching to raw. Our puppies have followed in the same happy state. Yes, I am required to clean beards more often, but I would take that for a healthy schnauzer anyday! Both websites have a lot of information on them.

My parents raw food is ordered from Hare-Today.

My puppies are currently eating raw beef and vegetables from K-9Kraving.