Huckleberry Schnauzer Patch

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for a schnauzer?

We have changed the way we take care of interest in upcoming litters. If you have an interest in a particular litter that is CURRENTLY pregnant and would like to place a deposit for a puppy ~talk to us about it~. Once you have your deposit in place you will be notified how the pregnancy progresses and when the puppies are delivered. We will let you know if the litter provided the desired color, if there was one. After this we will get pictures within a week for you to choose your new baby. Please keep in mind other families are in line with their deposits to pick their puppies after you. So be cognitive of this and be kind. We take deposits in order of receiving them. This is how I will let families pick their puppies as well. We DO NOT hold any puppy for anyone without a deposit form and a deposit. Period! Please do not be upset when you don't get the puppy you were waiting for, but considering you didn't place that pre-deposit to make sure you were taken care of when that litter was born we have no obligation to hold that puppy for you.

If we don't produce a size you are looking for ask me and I can recommend some breeders I know that do produce those particular sizes. We want you to be happy with whatever schnauzer baby you get whether it is from us or another breeder we recommend you too.

Is a Huckleberry Schnauzer right for my family?

A Miniature Schnauzer is not the right fit for every family. Depending on our lines depends upon what that puppy will require from their new family to be happy in your home the entirety of his/her life. Like any other puppy, they need socialization and obedience training. They need owners that are willing to set limits to their behaviors and enforce those limits. ALL THE TIME!!! They need positive interaction with strangers, children and other dogs from a young age. They are not a dog to be left in a kennel all day. A Miniature Schnauzer that spends the majority of their time away from its family, will very quickly become a bored and extremely destructive. When properly trained and socialized correctly, they will mature into a calm, well-rounded schnauzers.

What are some of the negatives to owning a Miniature Schnauzer?

The cost of upkeep because of their clipping is top at that list! Every 4 to 6 weeks is average! Like a high end imported car anything you get done to it costs more money because only a hand full of mechanics can work on them. Not everyone can groom a schnauzer properly!

Public perception. Because of the lack of proper socialization and positive exposure your mini can become a nuisance barker, biter and chaser. It is your duty, to raise your Huckleberry Schnauzer Patch Puppy properly and for them to be a positive breed role model. You should want to socialize them, train them and teach them to have impeccable manners in your house and outside of your house. No one likes an unmanageable dog no matter what the breed!

What is the cost of your puppies?

This is the first question I get asked when referring to a litter or puppy. I understand the reasoning behind the question, but you need to understand the reasoning behind my prices and that I do not change my prices. First and foremost, operating an ethical breeding program with the best interest being our miniature schnauzers is not cheap. It often drains the bank account because their health comes first no matter the cost! Huckleberry makes sure our schnauzers are checked out thoroughly with our vet prior to breeding them. This includes skeletal structure, any testing we feel the need to have done & current vaccinations. They are maintained with monthly flea & tick and heartworm prevention. Our miniature schnauzers are clipped regularly, bathed, socialized as much as possible, fed a nice quality food, cooked for on a regular basis (we like to mix their food with veggies, fruit & cooked meats), vitamins, medicines, vet visits, cleaning supplies, electric and gas bill (our kennel has its own meter and tank), upgrades (always happening). I could keep going, but you get the picture. All these amenities cost money to be maintained at the level they are accustom too living!!!! Money that is recouped only through the placement of our puppies into pet homes. The price of our puppies is based on the expenses it takes us to upkeep the dogs and whelp out healthy, happy litters, in a clean environment. 

Prices can vary depending on the age and situation of the miniature schnauzer being placed. The placement of our schnauzers regardless of the age is always made in the best interest and well being of that schnauzer. In other words, just because you like the puppy and thinks it is pretty doesn’t mean that puppy will be right for your family. A lot of breeders will sell you any puppy because they need that sale. I will not do that!!!! If I tell you no it is because I think the puppy needs a more active family, a less active family, a family with no children, a family with lots of children…as you see the variables to every situation is different and can vary.

Can I call you about my puppy for questions?

Yes of course you can call or text. Usually you get ahold of me quicker texting. I am always happy to talk about the puppy that you have now in your home. Or answer questions for you. Keep in mind I send a binder home with each puppy to help you better educate yourself, as a new Huckleberry Puppy owner, about your puppy and to answer a lot of the questions for you.

I don’t mind answering questions for you, but my time is valuable too and therefore I send home these binders filled with information for you. If it is not in your book absolutely call or text me.

I do not give medical advice about my puppies!! I am not a veterinarian and I do not get paid to be one. We send a puppy home with you that is healthy, happy and has been approved by our vet prior to going home with you. What happens past our door is solely on you as the new owner. Like I said I don’t mind helping you and telling you my experiences if it pertains to the issue at hand. You are asking me my opinion, so I am telling you what works for me. Understand there are so many variables that can contribute to a problem that has come to light with your puppy/adult that are not in Huckleberry’s control. These may include what you feed your schnauzer, environment your schnauzer lives in, stressors that attribute to a medical condition, a medical condition that comes up after you take your schnauzer home or how you properly train your puppy into adulthood. These are not in my control. If it is related to a genetic disease as noted and agreed by your veterinarian to be a genetic related disease, please let me know.

When my puppies leave me I often tell the new families how to properly train them if they come from a particular line that needs a different approach. Think of your puppy as a clean slate in a sense, what you put into them is what you will see come out. Literally! Genetic personality traits contribute to your training approach, socialization approach and house mannerisms. If you have questions when picking up your puppy ask me!!! I am only too happy to tell you about the parents and how I go about training, living and maintaining them. I can properly educate you on how to control or prevent certain behaviors before they come out or the minute they start doing them I can help you correct them. I can not help you prevent a habit from forming if they have been exhibiting it for a week!!! A habit has already been formed within a week! Sometimes a shorter period depending upon their lines. If there is something you don’t like about your schnauzer you as their parent are responsible for allowing that behavior to form and become a habit. Coddling builds fear! Make every experience positive in their lives and they won't have a reason to become fearful and often bitters. I do not coddle any of my schnauzers. This is not my place as their pack leader. My place is to provide them with food, stability and structure. This is why I stick to a routine and rules. Lack of structure with your schnauzer would not be Huckleberry’s fault or that particular line of schnauzer you have, this is your fault for not seeking help when they started exhibiting the unwanted behavior. At this point I can not help you or your schnauzer and you need to call a trainer that specializes in problems like you are seeing and have them come into your home to train you and your schnauzer back to a manageable level. This habit will never go away, but can most of the time be managed with positive behavior modifications that a trainer will help you explore. When families come over and I actually get the time to introduce my house schnauzers to them, everyone wants them!!! Why? Simple I like a good house mannered schnauzer and I don't accept anything less. I know what becomes of a bad behavior. A habit! I do not like a naughty dog, mine or someone else's. A habit depending upon the reason for it transforming can only become worse over time if not properly curbed, corrected and refocused. The schnauzer is not to blame, but the pack leader in the household that aloud this minor behavior to transform into a habit.

I don't like to sell two puppies to a family at a time. Unless you have the time and patients to devote to two I will always try to persuade you not to. Why? When you have one puppy you are focused on making sure that puppy has good manners (house or leash) and is trained. Potty training in a schnauzer alone can take 6 months or more to be perfected. Once you have the well trained, house train and potty trained schnauzer that you are proud to own, then get a second puppy. Your good role model schnauzer will help train that puppy quicker then you will. Puppies always look to the older schnauzer first for guidance. It is normal pack mentality. Use this to your favor always is my thoughts.

Should I take my schnauzer to a dog park?

NO! Perhaps doggy daycare when they are FULLY vaccinated, but not a dog park. You will have no control over the environment your schnauzer is introduced into and let’s admit, some dogs just have bad manners! Your schnauzer would have no choice other than to flight or fight. And guess which one your schnauzer will choose 95% of the time if presented with an aggressor? This can be a lasting memory with your schnauzer and schnauzers NEVER forget anything that was negative.

Also take into consideration not everyone has good skills of picking up behind their dogs or keeping them current on their Flea and Tick medications. Yes, I mean POOP and BUGS! The feces left behind or fresh can have parasites, worms or bacteria in it that your schnauzer will pick up by playing in that area. Fleas jump from one host to another they are NOT picky! One flea being ingested by your schnauzer can lead to tapeworms. Disgusting! Therefore, I prefer high end doggy daycares because they are monitoring the pooping habits and monitoring the kiddos like a children’s daycare. That in my opinion is worth every penny!

When are your puppies available?

The availability of puppies, adults, and upcoming litters is always kept current. Please check before you submit your questions.

Do you offer stud services?

We DO NOT offer stud service on our males, no exceptions.

Are there known diseases associated with schnauzers?

Miniature schnauzers have health issues and inherited diseases like all other breeds. If you need information about these we can recommend very educational sites.

Do I get AKC paperwork when I buy a puppy or adopt a retired adult?

We do not give AKC paperwork with our puppies going home. Upon spay/neuter of the puppy between 6 to 7 months, you need to provide us with a copy of the invoice FROM YOUR VET either by email or postal mail regardless if you are getting your limited AKC papers. The invoice needs to have at least the following: be on letterhead from your Vets office, needs to have the breed as a "miniature schnauzer", the color of your schnauzer, which veterinarian did the procedure, date, his/her name, your schnauzer's micro-chip # and your name and address on the invoice. No exceptions!! When you send in copy of the invoice from the spay/neuter surgery we will verify with your vet at that time. Timelines will vary upon when we send your Limited AKC papers out to you depending on our schedule. Please keep in mind Huckleberry's or by Huckleberry is required to accompany the schnauzers name on his papers. When our adults are adopted their AKC records DO NOT accompany them to their new home. You have a spayed/neutered already registered Miniature Schnauzer. We will not change the paperwork out of our name to be in your name. Sorry for any inconvenience~

Are your dogs in kennels?

We have built a new beautiful kennel! They have fans over them, Kuranda beds to sleep on, ac and heat. They can go in and out of their doggy doors anytime they want. They are happy in the fresh air running around. They are well cared for, we have two vets we work with and can refer you to if you have any questions referring to their care. We still have some of our schnauzers in the house with us. But everyone is happy and content with their surroundings. This gives them a family environment still. We believe our dogs are our family and need to be in a family environment. We encourage you to meet them and we want you to meet the parents of the puppy you're purchasing. Please let us know you want to meet them prior to your visit or puppy pick up~

What about grooming?

Our personal dogs are shaved, brushed, and clipped on a regular basis which is very time consuming. We expect new puppy owners to also take this into consideration if they have never had a schnauzer before. Their coats are dirt, grass, and leaf magnets! Your new puppy will have had at least it's first schnauzer clip prior to going home. Schnauzers need to be clipped every 4 to 8 weeks depending on the thickness/coarseness of the coat. Please ask us if you are unsure about your new puppies coat. Adults will be clipped into a schnauzer pattern prior to them going home as well.

What about food?

We change our food to suit the needs of our schnauzers. If you are purchasing a puppy from us food will be provided for you to take home with them in their to go bag along with their binder that is divided into 6 sections; for health, dog food, Micro-chipping, NuVet Vitamins, Contract and Schnauzer Info. When your puppy or adult goes home you will be prepared!!!

Do you give your dogs vitamins?

Yes we give our dogs vitamins from NuVet Labratories.  Our dogs love them and we think yours would too.  More information can be found here.  If you would like to order some vitamins for your dogs click here or call toll free 1-800-474-7044 and use order code 27501.

Where do our dogs sleep?

Some of our schnauzers sleep with us! All of our kiddos are well taken care of regardless of where they sleep. Kuranda beds, doggy beds, blanket, they never have to lay on the floor if they don't want too. Expect your puppy to be like this as well. Your puppy is trained to sleep on a bed and to potty in the opposite side. This way they can differentiate between where they need to go potty verse where they go to sleep and play.

How big is my schnauzer puppy going to be?

We give weight estimates to the best of our knowledge, based on the parents and lineage. Some get larger than their parents because of linage and some are half the size of their parents. You never know about genetics, but we can give you a pretty good idea if you ask us!

Do we crop the ears of our puppies prior to placement?

We do not crop the ears on our puppies that we place in companion/pet homes. This requires a lot of hands on care, vet visits for re-posting their ears (to make sure they do not curl) and the puppy would have to be separated from their litter mates the entire time. If you want your puppy’s ears cropped you need to have them cropped by a skilled veterinarian that knows how to properly crop a miniature schnauzer’s ears. Dr. J. K. Garrett crops any miniature schnauzers that Huckleberry keeps back for our breeding program. He owns Animal Hospital of Fayetteville in Fayetteville, N.C. and is located on Fort Bragg Rd.

Will my puppy change color?

Colors change because of influences from genetics, environment, food, diseases, age, or even shampoo and conditioners, or supplements. There is not a way to know if your puppy will lighten up or stay dark. We can only make an estimate based off our knowledge of these influences at the current time and age of the puppy when purchased.

Do you have a health guarantee?

Yes we do! Please refer to that page specifically HERE for all the contents, and duration.

Can I pick my puppy up at 6 or 7 weeks?

No, we keep our puppies until they are 8 to 12 weeks of age. This is socialization period for your puppies. Depending on the size of the individual puppy you have chosen. A week prior to them going home, they will go in for an thorough exam, fecal test and be micro-chipped by our vet. This is because we want to send home the healthiest puppy possible and with our vets over all approval. All our puppies have this routine of medical process regardless of their age. If you meet your puppy and that puppy is over 8 weeks old you will still have to wait till they go in to see our vet to take them home. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Can you "hold" my puppy?

No we do not hold puppies. Your puppy needs to be picked up at 8 weeks of age or when we have told you the puppy will be ready. We are not a boarding facility. If your puppy needs to stay for an unforeseen family emergency that could not be avoided there is a $20 charge per day starting the day after the puppy turns 8 weeks old. These fees will be added to the balance price of the puppy and expected to be paid upon picking them up. We are still putting OUR time, money and socialization into your puppy. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

Are Huckleberry's dogs pure bred and registered with AKC?

We register through AKC, FCI, CKC (Canada Kennel Club), MSCA and APRI. There is nothing wrong with any of these registries and all of the registered dogs have AKC lines in them.

Do you fly your puppies, or adults?

No we do NOT fly our adults. Normally we do not fly our puppies and we like for you to pick your puppy up in person. If we decide to fly a puppy it is solely based on a referral only. This referral is usually a current puppy owner that has referred a new family to us or other credible referrals.

Do you give all vaccines to your puppies and adults?

We do not combine our distemper vaccines with the Rabies vaccines. We wait 3 weeks between distemper vaccines (puppy vaccinating schedule) and then when they have had their last distemper WAIT 2 weeks or more (according to the vaccine schedule) then follow up with their Rabies vaccine at 16 weeks. Doubling up on vaccines is a lot of toxins on their system at one time. Less is more with Miniature Schnauzers!!! We DO NOT give a Leptospirosis vaccine at all!! We encourage all new owners not to give this vaccine and it is in out health guarantee that will DO NOT support our puppies getting them! Tell your veterinarian upfront that you do not want a Leptospirosis vaccine in any form given to your puppy/Adult. They usually put it on the schnauzers medical chart or you can ask them to do this for you. Schnauzers in their normal environment are not exposed to this virus on a high risk basis. They will be exposed to it enough to build their own natural immunities. Schnauzer's have had severe reactions from this particular vaccine. We also do not support the Lyme's vaccine for our schnauzers. If your vet does not want to accept our vaccines you can do 1 of 2 things. Ask yourself if your vet is trying to over vaccinate your puppy (because veterinarians receive their vaccines no differently than we do here) or up charge your over all bill? We use the same vaccines that our veterinarian uses/recommends. The vaccines we use have the greatest titer results. We like to avoid over exposing your puppies to anything additional so they stay healthy.

If you can't keep the puppy/adult schnauzer that you have adopted/purchased from us what do you do?

You return your adult/puppy to Huckleberry Schnauzer Patch. Period! You do not take them to a shelter, re-home them yourselves, resell them to recoup some of your purchased price, give them to a friend or leave them with a relative. At your expense you bring your puppy/adult back to us to be re-homed into a loving schnauzer home. We like to find the perfect home for the schnauzer. We will and can prosecute you in a court of law to acquire our puppy/adult back as you will haved signed/agreed to the contract when you purchased/adopted them. We take our puppies/adults very seriously!! They are always micro-chipped before being placed in their new home because you never know what might happen!

Why don't you show your dogs?

First of all we make sure our dogs are perfect in everyway so if we wanted to start showing we could. Second, Huckleberry has two hobbies, Miniature Schnauzers and our Kentucky Mountain Racking horses. Between these two hobbies I also have a wonderful husband who is very supportive and 2 beautiful daughters. We have currently purchased and imported a black and silver male from Poland. We are very proud to announce we have our friend and accomplished handler Rachel who will start showing our new boy this year!!!

 Do you have to dock tails?

My veterinarian removes the puppy's dew claws and docks their tails between three to five days old. If you should want a natural tail, we require full payment at birth. Unfortunately, families are few and far between that want a natural tail.

What does Huckleberry send home with the puppy?

We send you home with puppy food for a week to either transfer them over to another food or keep them on the current puppy food they are on. We recommend you keep them on their current food. We also send home a puppy bag with toys, cookies, a blanket with familiar scents, a binder that has 6 dividers for the puppy information pertaining to your puppy and a new collar. Our puppies are taken into our vet 3 times before they go home.

  • ~First visit is for tails and dewclaws

  • ~Second visit is for a heart check at 3 to 4 weeks for any defects

  • ~Third visit is right before they go home for their thorough exam, fecal test and micro-chipping

These visits are paid by Huckleberry, we like our clients to enjoy their new puppy and have a piece of mind that the small stuff is taken care of for you.