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Health Guarantee

 My goal as a Miniature Schnauzer breeder is toHuckleberry Schnauzer Patch breed for a healthy, well-built puppy. I believe if you breed for a healthy, well-built schnauzer, beauty, smarts and temperaments come naturally with those attributes. The average life expectancy for a miniature schnauzer is 12 to 14 years old with some living quite a bit longer. No breeder can claim they will never have a puppy/adult with a life-threatening genetic disorder. It is impossible to produce 100% perfection with any lines. Life does not work that way with humans or animals however, I stand by the health of my Miniature Schnauzers I have chosen for my program, and in turn their offspring. Our dams and sires are checked prior to breeding for heart abnormalities, luxating patellas, eyes, and overall health. In 2019 certifications will be available for patellas and cardiacs through Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). We will also be going through Optigen and PennGen for further genetic health testing.

I have provided a contract and guarantee that reflects my commitment in producing healthy puppies that grow into healthy adults and live a long life as a companion pet. My intent when sending your schnauzer puppy home, is that they will be free from LIFE THREATENING genetic disorders to the best of my knowledge through adulthood. If your veterinarian diagnosis your puppy directly from me with a life-threatening genetic disorder, please call me directly. This is not a guarantee against common health issues for this breed in general. I have listed some common schnauzer related concerns below.  I will not cover life threatening diseases caused by a bad diet, lack of exercise, you as their new owner not being a responsible or lack of vet care. Please take accountability for your puppy when you take them home. It is up to you as the new owner to keep them healthy, make wise decisions concerning their vaccines and the care you ultimatly provide them throughout their lifespan. Huckleberry Schanuzer Patch

This health guarantee will be voided if your puppy is over vaccinated, inappropriately fed, not seen by your vet properly (I will require all documentation from your veterinarian(s) visits for my records), have not abided our contract and spayed/neutered your puppy by 7 months of age or not cared for them properly. We send you home with a healthy schnauzer puppy; make sure you keep them this way!

My puppies are sold to you on a strict contract with limited rights. This means NO BREEDING rights. You are required to alter your puppy by 7 months of age when you purchase a puppy from me. No exceptions! This upholds your contract with Huckleberry Schnauzer Patch LLC by altering them as agreed. These contracts have been drawn up legally in the interest of protecting our lines and in the best interest of our puppies.

Common Health problems with Miniature Schnauzers


 Yeast Candida and Fungal Skin Issues in Dog


Luxating Patellas

Cardiac Diseases

Cataracts In Dogs

Type B PRA in Miniature Schnazuers

PMDS in Miniature Schnazuers




Huckleberry Schnauzer Patch

Huckleberry Schnauzer Patch

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