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Welcome to Huckleberry Schnauzer Patch!!!

I have been introduced to schnauzers through my entire life, but the turning point was when we lived in MD. I was part of a therapy dog group that visited nursing homes with my current dogs we had then. Miniature Schnauzers were a part of this group and I was intrigued by their persistent, intuitive nature. They were so proud and human like for such a small dog. I had never spent quality time with a well-bred schnauzer before!?! Quality is me observing, interacting, watching mannerisms and what makes them so unique. So that began years of research into linage, watching lines to learn about what was truly healthy and not, talking with lots of breeders, learning about color genetics and finding a good veterinarian to support the understanding that I only want the healthiest quality miniature schnauzer to be part of my breeding patch. This entails me spending lots of money, growing them up and if I don’t like what I see at 2 years old I cull and start over. I had and still have the same goals when I pair two parents together. They need to complement each other. I have purchased a lot of schnauzers over the years and have placed 10x as many into pet homes. Because they didn’t meet my expectations of what I wanted to produce. I want my families to be happy that they have gotten a healthy, well-built miniature schnauzer from me. In order to make that happen I have taken my time to be extremely careful with what I now add into my program.

Huckleberry Schnauzer Patch For Sale My husband is a patient, constant support in my love for these schnauzers and I couldn't do it without him or the children.  Our Miniature Schnauzer puppies are raised with our family, healthy, intelligent, well-socialized, and bond quickly with their new family. When have taken the steps at the right developmental periods in their life to ensure this success. My puppies and adults go to Riverbark Veterinary Hospital in Fayetteville, NC. I have my veterinarian for long time now. He is an amazing surgeon, attentive to details and supports my approach to naturally alternative feeding and medicines if needs arise. Puppies and adults are health checked for cardio and patellas in particular prior to breeding and going home.Hucklberry Schnazuer Patch Puppies For Sale

Dr. Dale Brown has been kind enough to talk with potential families in reference to me. The staff there is amazing! Christian is the office manager, Sara is the groomer and then a handful of wonderful girls in reception and vet assistants. You can call #910-822-3141 and speak to anyone in specific or whoever answers the phone. They all know me, my schnauzers and how well I take care of my puppies and adults. Please be courteous of their time when calling and have your questions in hand. They may be busy at the time you are calling them.

Our puppies are NOT bred for show, they are what they are which is beautifully bred dogs!! I love my dogs and work very hard to only breed what compliments their traits to produce the best puppies.

Huckleberry SchnHuckleberry Schnauzer Patch Locationauzer Patch is located in North Carolina, about 3 hours East of Charlotte, and 40 mins South of Raleigh.  We have HSP Families up and down the East coast, as far West as Ohio, and even puppies in Canada.  We will soon begin to offer shipping via a highly recommended pet nanny service.  Prices will vary depending on location.