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Raw Diet

This is my reason.....It came to a point that my miniature schnauzers were getting pancreatitis twice a year, would get unpredictably sick, lower immune systems and their over all demeanor was edgy, hyper reactive and unsettled. This was not healthy for my dogs!! I was worried constantly about their health.


At Huckleberry we have been feeding a raw diet. This means we give them a variety of raw meats/organs/bones/tripe. Always ground!! Schnauzers are gulpers...We feed beef, rabbit, goat, lamb, venison, buffalo and straight tripe. I buy the chubs in 2, 3 and 5lb chubs that are sent frozen to me.


Hare-Today takes the guess work out of the percentages with some of their products. They blend this together so you can buy it without having to worry about getting the exact percentages on your own. Yah!!! Now, not all of their products are balanced to an 80/10/10 ratio. It truly depends on what your feeding, what your trying to achieve with their diet and rotation. Review the product descriptions on the website and use their Raw Food Ratio Calculator which does the math for you.


I do not go to a grocery store for my raw. I only purchase directly through Hare-Today. Hare-Today has been my sole provider of raw meats for 2 years now. They have always sent me clean, healthy products and I am always happy to refer them.


If you go to their website they have a good deal of information about raw feeding. Remember they have been in business for decades serving owners like myself raw dog food. They are very particular about their sources, which is a comforting thought for me. When you purchase a Miniature Schnauzer from me they will be on a raw diet. I will not recommend kibble to anyone anymore. I haven't for years. I have seen the cognitive awareness, over all health, their calm, focused demeanor and they are happy. It's amazing what the right kind of food can do for your dog. It keeps them healthy and pancreatitis free. Remember the immune system starts in their stomach. I have 2 to 12 year old schnauzers that eat raw to date. Below is the Hare-Today website link where you can read about the raw diet and change your schnauzer over too.


Hare-Today and Raw K-9 diet is what we start our puppies on and send it home with you. When I changed my litters over to the raw I couldn't believe the change in them. It was like night and day. Their reaction to environmental stimuli and eachother was much more relaxed and thought out compared to before on kibble. I will always feed raw now. Even when I have to thin out beards and wash them more often to compensate for my messy eaters. It's worth it every penny spent to see my schnauzers healthy.