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READ the descriptions thoroughly before asking about adopting out adults.

When adopting our adult schnauzers they are USUALLY between 4 to 6 years old. Their medical is taken care of in FULL by their adoption fee. The main goal is providing a healthy adult schnauzer retired from breeding into a forever home. Therefore, the adoption fee is non negotiable because the entire fee is for providing the veterinary cost to ensure a clean bill of health before leaving the premise of Huckleberry Schnauzer Patch. The medical cost could surpass the " adoption fee" but we never ask for more than the fee posted on each retiree.

We get our adults spay/neutered after they have been officially adopted. Our adults are current on monthly flea/ tick and heartworm prevention medication. Please do not ask to bring your dog to our home to "see" if they like each other. The retiring schnauzer still has hormones running in them and should have no reason to like/dislike your dog. Breeding females/males meet/greet other dogs differently. They are more intense, invasive and make quick decisions. Hormones take 2-4 weeks before leaving the dogs system after being altered. Keep in mind there is a period of adjustment from their breeding life to a home life environment. If you do not have the patience, time or knowledge to help their adjustment through this process please do not ask to adopt them. A new environment, new "pack" and new set of rules/routine can be over whelming to some schnauzers. We would rather wait for the right home to come along than place them in the wrong home hastily~ We do not charge a lot for our adoption fee as it is solely based off their medical care when retired.

Adopting adults are NOT the same as purchasing a puppy. Very different. When adopting one of our adult retirees you are adopting a quality bred schnauzer with all their medical needs taken care of prior to them going home. We do not "housebreak" our adults for you prior to placement. We have intact males and females that the retired adult can sense and smell and they will STILL mark at our house. Most of out adults will be placed in homes as single schnauzers homes or in the opposite gender homes to the adult in question. We want you to be successful adopting our adults, so we set you up for success prior to you taking them home. Our adults are perfectly fine in a crate! Crates are secure, safe and somewhere where they can be comfortable when not out with you. Use this to your advantage when adapting them to your home. Do not let your adult have full access to your home when they go home with you. They are still trying to rid their body of the hormones and will gladly mark their "new" territory. Within two weeks the habit is formed and you have problems. So please build that trust and respect first! If your new adult schnauzer is not with you, if you are busy doing something else or if you are not focused on them CRATE them please. They do not know what is acceptable in your house so they will think for themselves and do what they need to when they see fit. The schnauzer and you have to have understanding of what is acceptable in your home and what is not! Set yourself and your new schnauzer up for success by establishing trust, respect, boundaries and guidelines. You can only do this by controlling everything in their environment for weeks at least until you feel they have learn the rules in your home.

We have lots of inquiries! Based off of questions we ask you, phone conversations and you meeting the adult we decide what home would be the best for our schnauzers at the time of placing them. Please understand your home may not be what that adult needs to be happy and content.


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6 Years Old


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3 Years Old


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4 years old


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4 years old

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