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Our retiring adults are being adopted out for various reasons. It is not due to any life-threatening disease. Their adoption fees are strictly based on the amount of medical expenses they incur at our vet prior to going home with you. Spay, Neuter, teeth cleaning, bloodwork, heartworm test (always negative) exam and fecal test. They have already been micro-chipped, and this will be transferred into the new owner’s name prior to them leaving us. Vaccines are current on all of our adults prior to leaving. Advantix II and Heartgard is given and always current. You will need to establish them through your veterinarian and start purchasing it there. Before asking about one of our adults be prepared to take some time off from work or make sure someone can be home with them to help with after care of their spayed or neutered. This is a great time to bond with them. I have been doing this process for years now and I have not had one adult not bond quickly with their new owners because of it. Our adults go home with Adult Bundles similar to our Puppies Bundles but catered to their age and individual needs. 

If you are interested in one of these retirees please fill out our

-Available Spring of 2020-
Fee: Please Inquire
Age: 5 Years
Needs:  Children 12 years and over. A family not new to this breed
Weight: 14-15Lbs
Dog Friendly:
Yes, would do fine with other dogs, but will only be placed in a home with a female
Crate Trained: Yes
House Trained: Yes
Personality: Irish is comical and wants to play. He is expressive and talks to you. He has a happy natural and will be happy being part of his new family’s activity. He has been a wonderful addition to our breeding program. We have quite a few of his daughters.
Testing: OFA Certified for cardiac free and patellar luxation free. Clear for Type B PRA. Clear for PMDS. Clear for MAC.