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1) When you submit an application I will follow up with additional questions and a phone call. Meet and greet only happens after the emailing and phone call to make sure everyone likes each other. This is done at my home. If all goes well, you will be required to sign a contract and pay the adoption fee in full. At that time I will call and make an appointment for them to be seen and have an exam and current fecal done. All other medical will be done prior to adoption/going home.

2) Adoption Fees are $1600.00 and upward. Our pricing for our adoption fees has increased because our cost to maintain our schnauzers properly has increased. Vet bills, food, housing etc.

3) Your adult will be spayed/neutered, micro-chip registered in your name prior to them leaving, current blood work, current heartworm test, overall exam, fecal test, dental scaling/polishing if needed prior to them going home. Included in the adoption fee.

4) What goes home with your adult; copies of the above in a binder that tells you all about your new family member. I also add all the health testing that has been done on your adult. A bag of goodies for your adult see bundles page. Included in the adoption fee.

5) 6 months of Heartgard goes home with you for your adult. Included in the adoption fee.

6) Collar and leash/harness and leash, whichever fits the personality of the adult better. Included in the adoption fee.

7) Please be prepared to spend lots of time with your adult after they join your family. At least a full week of you being home with your new family member is a requirement. Crating is wonderful for them when you are not there. All my adults are crate trained and doggy door trained. This is the perfect bonding time for your family and your new schnauzer. Allow 2 months at least for them to acclimate to your new home. This acclimation period depends upon how consistent you are with your routine, schedule and follow through in those first 2 months.

8) These are well bred miniature schnauzers that have been properly maintained their entire lives and we know the full history on them.

9) My adult miniature schnauzers are fed a raw diet. You need to do your homework and research on raw to understand it prior to you adopting one of our adults. I give you plenty of material to read in your binders that cover raw. Please ask questions! Raw feeding is not hard, but it takes dedication on your part. I feed my schnauzers a treat in the morning and their raw at night. This is a healthy schedule for them. I raise all my schnauzers with this schedule and don't have any issues. Raw food and supplements will be sent home with them for you to continue.

10) One last insight.... I wash my schnauzers beards once a week or as needed. Some schnauzers are messier then others while eating. It happens with beards! Keep this in mind too when your thinking about adopting one of our adults.

If you are interested in one of these retirees please fill out our


Marco is a year old. Marco has a lot of drive and will only be placed in an active home. Marco will be neutered prior to placement. He is excellent for grooming (has had his coat consistently rolled), loves playing with other dogs, enjoys new skills to learn, has learned how to use a doggy door, rides decently in a car, is crate trained, leash trained and is attentive. Needs a knowledgeable owner thats willing to further his obedience training. He is a Tsunami & Kellen 2021 puppy.

A fenced in yard is a must to adopt one of our schnauzers.