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Huckleberry Schnauzer Patch Website selling Miniature Schnuazers in North Carolina (NC).

Puppies For Sale
Listing of Puppies for Sale

Retirees For Adoption
Listing of Huckleberry's Retirees available for Adoption

Upcoming Litters
Listing of Huckleberry's Upcoming Litters

Puppy Protocol
Descriptions of what/how Huckleberry cares for a puppy in the first 8 weeks

Young Adult Protocol
Descriptions of Huckleberry cares for a young adult after 8 weeks

Parti History
Some schnauzer parti and liver color history

Information on the bundle of goodies that is sent home with every dog purchased or adopted

Information on the 4 year Health Guarantee for Huckleberry Schnauzer Patch

Once you decide on a dog, or have interest in a litter, please fill out the application

Listing of the current Dams (Mothers) in our breeding program

Listing of the current Sires (Fathers) in our breeding program

Huckleberry's past Dams and Sires

Comments from Huckleberry Schnauzer Patch customers on their Schnauzers and experience

Reading Material
Collection of articles found on the internet for reference material

Pricing and Cost
Explanation of costs

Raw Diet
Information on Huckleberry's Raw Diet

Female vs Male
Comparing females vs males