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After losing one of our schnauzer to old age, we had a void that needed to be filled. Our other schnauzer was lonely and needed a companion. We decided that we needed an older dog as a play mate. My husband found the website for Huckleberry Schnauzer Patch and we saw that there were retirees. What a perfect fit for us! We contacted the owner, Tammy, and she had a 5 year old female for adoption. We drove to North Carolina to see the dog and we immediately fell in love with her. Her name is Vienna and she is a beautiful, smart, healthy and loving dog. We could tell that Tammy breeds and cares deeply for her dogs from the food she feeds them to the love she gives them.

We are so delighted with our little princess, Vienna!

 ~Taylor Family
Our recent Schnauzer puppy purchase from Huckleberry Patch has proved to be a very satisfying experience both from the puppy and the breeder standpoint. References from individuals who had previously purchased pups from Huckleberry Patch were helpful in our decision to deal with you and your facility.

Having owned seven Schnauzers in our past, my wife and I are experienced in what to look for in a breeder and his or her facility. Your knowledge and expertise far surpass any breeder we have dealt with in the past. We were impressed with your emphasis on diet, health, food, puppy care, and genealogy of the sire and dam. You score high in all categories dealing with the breeding and care of Schnauzers.

Thank you for your passion in your vocation.

 ~Vollenweider Family

ltp My wife, Donna found a dog at a rest area near us. After several months of trying to find her owner, we named her and claimed her as our own. Zoe passed several years later. We were heartbroken. But we were hooked on schnauzers. We fell in love with the intelligence and personality. We eventually decided to look for another schnauzer. On a internet search, I found a few but my interest in Huckleberry Schnauzer Patch was peaked by, at first the name, then the beautiful dogs I saw. Tammy had two adults for adoption. One looked very much like our Zoe, just a bit smaller. The catch was, they were offered as a pair to not be separated, for they were very bonded sisters. Another reason to be pro-Patch! Not a lot of people would be concerned with keeping a bonded pair together! Tammy had recovered the two from someone that was not treating them well, nursed them back to health and re-socialized them with her other dogs. Again, another wonderful thing to do!

We made an appointment to go meet the girls and Tammy to see if it was going to be a match. We all hit it off fairly well, so we started the process. The following week, I got to pick up the girls to bring them home! It was a very happy day for us, but a sad day for Tammy. I could tell everyone was sad being separated, including Tammy, but I know she knew she had made a good decision in who the girls were going to be living with. After a very short time they were feeling comfortable with us…a good indication of the socialization Tammy had offered them. Pandora and TaCory had found a home.

After a while had passed, Cory was still skittish of Donna, much to our disappointment. She was warming, but very very slowly. When I was talking to Tammy about it, she mentioned she had another. A young (7 month) girl that was a huge lovebug. Gee, did we want three?? Off we went to meet her! We took Pandy and Cory with us to visit Auntie Tammy and see how they would socialize together. London was way more than Tammy described! She went to Donna and climbed up and gave her a big hug! Needless to say, we now have three! London being younger keeps the other two, 3 years her senior, active and chasing each other around. The most important thing, as Tammy suspected, London brought Cory in closer to Donna! The pack thing is real!!

In wrapping this up, I would like to say how wonderful Tammy was to us and more importantly, to her and our dogs. Her facilities are top notch. The schnauzers are all very well socialized. If I had my way, I’d have a dozen of the Patch’s schnauzies!

God Bless! John

After significant research to find the best breeder for my new dog, my daughter found Tammy McPherson, owner and breeder of Huckleberry Schnauzer Patch.

We have had several Schnauzers over the years. After the passing of our beloved Miniature Schnauzer, we knew we needed to find a breeder who loved their work, cared for their dogs like their own, and were particular about who purchased the dogs.

Tammy McPherson meets all of the above and more. She loves her work, goes above and beyond to care for her dogs, treats all of the dogs like her own, maintains a clean and healthy environment, and protects the newborns before carefully approving the new owners. She provides thorough instructions on how to care for new puppies, ensures the puppies are healthy, maintains incredible accounts of vet visits, shots and medications, and ensures the puppies are microchipped before purchase.

We have been blessed with a very happy, smart and loving Miniature Schnauzer, and we can't thank Tammy enough for letting us purchase one of her cherished puppies. She deserves a five-star rating and then some.

~ Gemmer Family, proud Huckleberry Schnauzer Patch Miniature Schnauzer owner.

  At a very sad and hard time for me ( and my female schnauzer of 14 years ) when we lost our boy schnauzer of 16 years, Huckleberry schnauzer patch was a God send & saved us in more ways than one ! My girl ( chelsea Mae ) was mourning horribly and i was panicked & upset and overwhelmed. ..Tammy patiently listened to my story and immediately agreed to meet so i could pick out an addition to our family which became a miracle in more ways than one. Tammy is awesome schnauzer mom & genuinely cares who adopts her babies. She is 100% vested in everything from day 1 of conception. ..she is wonderful at what she does & her schnauzer farm is warm and inviting...she breeds family members not pets....highly recommend anyone looking for a pet companion that is loyal and loving and full of personality to visit Huckleberry schnauzer farm ! Beyond please and happy !

Thank you Tammy for all you do & for my 2 blessings ; Shiloh and Little Moses !

My wife and I had been wanting a Schnauzer for some time. We wanted a good match for our two Jack Russells. We found Huckleberry Schnauzer Patch online; and, my wife took one look at Gideon and knew he was the dog for us. When I went to meet Gideon, I was so impressed with Tammy. She was so kind and knowledgeable. Gideon has the sweetest disposition; and, he’s so intelligent! Our veterinarian said he was one of the most handsome Schnauzers she’d ever seen! Gideon fits in perfectly with our fur family! Thank you so much, Tammy, for raising the perfect dog for us! When we’re ready for another Schnauzer one day, we will definitely come back to Huckleberry Schnauzer Patch!

~Kidder Family

gabby We were looking for a standard color Miniature Schnauzer when I stumbled on to Huckleberry Schnauzer Patch 6 years ago. I wasn't familiar with the Parti Schnauzer. If one believes in love at first sight, that's what happened to me when I viewed Gabby, our Diva. She was 8 weeks old ,with a Pearl collar, looking at me, as if to say," I'm waiting for you,hurry up and get me!" I knew that she was the one!

Tammy, Gabby's breeder, has been part of our family from the time we received Gabby .But unlike my past Schnauzer breeders, Tammy has stayed the course. She has been available throughout Gabby's life. As a Biology major in college, I was very familiar with genetics. I can tell you without hesitation, Tammy knows her genetics! Gabby has been one of the healthiest Schnauzers that Ive had in my 37 plus years with the breed. She is our Diva, spoiled, and yes, my shadow.

If you want a caring and serious Schnauzer Breeder, look no further. I highly recommend The Huckleberry Schnauzer Patch! ~Reel Family

From the minute I put my deposit down on Rylee until I picked her up Tammy was always sending me pictures and videos of her. When I took Rylee to my vet she was very impressed with both Rylee and Tammy’s breeding program. Rylee came with notebook of her health information and all the information I could possibly need Tammy has also always been a phone call away for any help or support I need. Rylee is now two and these two years have been full of joy and love. If I ever add another schnauzer to my family it will be another of Tammy’s babies  

  I highly recommend Tammy McPherson ( Huckleberry Schnauzer Patch) to anyone looking their next puppy. I have had the opportunity to witness 1st hand the care, dedication and expertise she gives to all her puppies. I love that they are raised in a healthy, lovable family environment and she stands behind her breeding program with a health guarantee. You cannot go wrong with purchasing from Tammy McPherson. ~Tammy Grady

When we began looking for a new puppy to replace our beloved Maggie we were so lucky to come across the ad for Huckleberry Schnauzer Patch. We called and Tammy was so happy to tell us that she had a new litter and the pups would be ready for pickup the end of February. We picked out our new puppy and waited the 8 weeks till pickup. Our Katie is now a year old and the the joy of our lives. On her first visit to the vet, Dr. Jansky was very impressed with her telling us how well bred she is. She was also impressed with all of the information Tammy supplied us with. Tammy is always available to answer questions and give advice if needed.

Katie is well adjusted and loves people. She likes to play with her toys and watch TV. She is also good with other dogs (she has two that come for play dates). We have had other schnauzer's as well as a Jack Russel and she is the first of them that is this well adjusted and is a beloved family member.

echo Buying a Schnauzer from Huckleberry Schnauzer Patch was more than I ever expected. When I first met the owner Tammy, it felt like we were friends. I sat on her living room floor observing the Schnauzers running around, and their demeanor. I was sold with both Tammy and her dogs.

When I lost my 1st Schnauzer after 15yrs, I wasn't sure I could do it again. It wasn't long after that, I started looking for another little companion. Tammy totally understood how I was feeling, and made sure I was happy with my purchase. When she sent me a picture of my little girl just opening her eyes - I KNEW I made the right choice.

I am a proud owner, and absolutely love my Schnauzer. When we go on hikes, I am often stopped and complimented on her beautiful coloring. I tell them, go see Tammy at Huckleberry Schnauzer Patch!

Thank you for your love, caring and dedication in bringing these beautiful beings into our world! -J. Bronson

I’m writing to let you know what a joy it is having Millie. I am so pleased with everything about her; from her personality, to her beautiful features, to the way she carries herself. She gets so many kisses and compliments from everyone around her. She is truly a blessing to our family and we all love her deeply. Our vet is adamant that she’s “perfect!” and unfortunately she feels the quality in so many breeds is lacking because some are just breeding and do not focus on the breed traits and quality. She praised the dedication and work you put into your puppies. Thank you so much for your devotion to the Miniature Schnauzer breed and your commitment to produce quality puppies.

~Harrelson Family