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Upcoming Litters

Hypnotic and Ghost are due on September 22. This litter will have black & silver partis and black & silver merle partis in it. With the possibility of blue eyes. Hypnotic always has extremely smart puppies in her litters. They will have Ghost's playful, toy loving qualties as well. I think between the two these puppies are going to be a lot of fun and have the ability to do everything. Puppies should be miniature schnauzer size ranging from 14lb to 22lb. Females being on the lighter end and males being on the larger end. Taking a limited number of deposits on this litter. Ginger is a Hypnotic & Ryder daughter on our dams page. Goosey is a Ginger & Marvel daughter, Hypnotic's granddaughter. Referencing these females to show what this lineage will look like when grown.

Fizz Ryder
Fizz & Ryder are expecting on October 9, 2019. This litter will possibly have sables, liver-tans, black and silvers, s & p and liver peppers or partis could be in these colors combinations. These puppies will have nice temperaments and good conformations. Miniature Schnauzer size only.