Huckleberry Schnauzer Patch

Finale and Mako

Finale and Mako are due June 10, 2018. Finale can have black & silver, black & silver parti, liver-tan and liver-tan parti. Any of these puppies could have irish ticking or could possibly have blue eyes. These puppies will be 8lb to 11lb. All toy size. Finale is funny, demanding and a little smarty parti. Mako is a goof ball and just a total love bug! This is their first litter together and we are excited to see what they produce.

~This litter has been born~

Temptation and Swish are due the 8th of July. This litter can have black and silver partis and liver-tan partis only. Both of these parti patterns could have Irish ticking like their mother. Sizes will range from 14-18lb true miniature size. So excited to see this litter!!! This will produce playful, silly, intuitive puppies out of this pairing.



Sorry for the inconvenience, but these are our last two litters for the year till we sell all our current puppies. Then we will plan on new litters. Please check out our current puppies!!!!!


We do not have waiting lists, but will take pre-born deposits on occasion. Please ask us about our process of placing a deposit. We will mark under each description when the pregnancies are confirmed by our veterinarian.


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